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We strongly believe in valuing human labor and respecting human health and the environment. We make our products from natural materials with forestry and Cites certifications, free of volatile toxic substances and formaldehyde free, chosen and processed to make objects last over time with consistent comfort performance, to contribute greatly to the well-being of the people who experience our products. Through our partnership with Treedom, for every product purchased, we help repopulate a forest in the areas where our veneers come from, contributing to the economic and social development of the place. In addition, to protect our artistic and cultural heritage, we collaborate with the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum and the San Carlo Theater in Naples

Hebanon Studio

The creators Giovanna, Maria and Nicola Basile, founders of Hebanon Studio.

Hebanon's research starts with wood and feeds on the past, present and future. The philosophy of Slow Design guides us in the conception, design and creation of furniture that aims to restore value to the home and those who inhabit it, to stimulate contentment and well-being and to generate a circular process of research and production of beauty. Our vocation is to amaze. Because the moments that amaze us, make our days interesting and bring us back to a state of serenity.

Our Design Language

our design language In Hebanon's forge, pattern, carving and inlay become the main syntagmas of a simple language that can make visible an inner world.
Geometry, as the smallest part of the visible, is a tool for interpreting the world and reworking ancient Italian, French and Oriental cabinet-making arts in a contemporary key.
This lexicon laden with meaning is translated into immersive furnishings with which to identify and take refuge, from which to be amazed and fascinated, and thanks to which to concretize a domestic, personal and dynamic space.
The history we carry within us and the beauty of the world are the elements that inspire our creations and leave their mark on the wood.

Other Designers

Designers who shared our language and values:








Emerging designers of young Factory Design:

Roberto Rago, Noemi Verdoliva, studio Ethnos.

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