Hebanon is living wood.

The real heart of the company is our Xylotheque, a vault, a unique and precious place that holds our greatest wealth. It holds as many as 46 wood species, 5 of which are endangered; 2 the result of rare natural anomalies. Fascinating and centuries-old woods, some so old that they date back to the birth of marquetry. Others, have been added to our xylotheca over time: we continually search for woods whose colorful grain and its scents, can tell the stories of the places they come from, the peoples they have passed through. Brazil, India, New Zealand, Asia Minor, Italy, Africa, Lebanon, USA, Eastern Europe, Japan.

This is where the research project of Hebanon Fratelli Basile - 1830® starts and our Home furniture lines are born . A research on nature and materials, on language and composition, of objects and spaces, starting from the universal values that unite every individual and at the same time make them unique.

For us at Hebanon Fratelli Basile - 1830® an object well thought out and well made, contributes to the emotional and functional well-being of the person; an object is design if it has a heart a soul and brain: it is with this spirit that we design and produce furniture. Going beyond the concept of style to overcome time and surrender to the value of emotions, what is most precious to people: this is the spirit Hebanon1830

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